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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On Bring a Servant of God
Warren W. Wiersbe
First published January 1st 1993)
Paperback, 150 pages

Wiersbe is a prolific author, accomplished teacher, and capable pastor.  In this book, he offers a series of “chats” (chapters) that help guide the reader to understand what it takes to serve God.  Although this book could be readily used by anyone who seeks to serve God, either in full-time ministry or as a believer who wants to adopt a servant’s heart, the book clearly comes from the perspective of a senior pastor who I seeking to minister to full-time workers.  The author encourages both lay and professional Christian workers to apply the principles in the book but most of the examples provided are for the professional Christian minister.
     The chapters are short presentations of themes without titles.  However, they could be titled, perhaps  as shown below.  In any event, these are the themes that Wiersbe presents, whether he would have identified the chapters as such or not.  As he notes, we all would do well to heed these messages here, whether in the Ministry or ministry.

·         Basic Principles
·         Distributors Not Manufacturers
·         Meeting Human Needs
·         Handling Hedgehogs
·         The Glory of God
·         God-given Ability
·         Jesus First
·         For Good Works
·         Perfecting the Character
·         Maturity As the Goal
·         Trouble with People
·         Sense of Humor
·         Grow
·         Finishing a Ministry
·         When to Leave
·         Learn from Mistakes
·         As Old As You Feel
·         For Younger Workers
·         Readers Are Leaders
·         On Marriage
·         Joy in Serving Jesus
·         People of the Book
·         God Calls Workers
·         Loyalty
·         Peaks and Valleys
·         Judgment
·         Bad Days
·         Enemies
·         Money
·         Future

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